At this event, Shell Rimula announces to continuously partner with the drivers’ most-listened radio program Safety to Home broadcasted by Voice of Ho Chi Minh City. Shell understands that not only truck drivers care about safety, but also their families, friends and the whole community do. At Shell, safety is always a top priority that the company wants to build in all over the world.  Through the partnership with Safety to Home radio program, Shell wishes to create a forum for every truck drivers to share their driving experiences, and especially, to build safety culture among all listeners.

“Shell desires to provide peace of mind, trust and safety on every drive for drivers through its product,” said Mr. Tran Hong Van - General Manager of Shell Vietnam. “Shell has long been the pioneer in lubricants science and technology. We have made every effort to improve customers’ operation, productivity and profit through our knowledge and technology. We believe that the product trial can help truck drivers to experience and evaluate the performance quality as well as the economic efficiency of Shell Rimula R4 X engine oil, and Shell Rimula R4 X will be a perfect choice for drivers and transport enterprises in Vietnam.”

Shell Rimula Event, Maximum Protection – Breakthrough Success

For the first time in Vietnam, Shell Rimula offers heavy-truck drivers a special free product trial program. Attending this program, drivers have chance to receive 2,000 free pails of premium Rimula R4 X trial for only one day. In addition to that, many exciting activities are designed in a playground which reflects drivers’ long journey to help them to know more about Shell Rimula R4 X’s benefits and how to try the product effectively to ensure the best engine maintenance and assist in their career development and success opportunities in the future.

Shell Rimula R4 X

The premium Shell Rimula engine oil for heavy trucks always brings optimum solutions to help drivers to protect engines in all driving conditions with optimum efficiency. Developed by leading experts based on “3 protection power” technology, Shell Rimula R4 X can improve the corrosion resistance to acid by 50%, engine cleansing by 50%, which helps to keep engines in clean conditions and to optimise efficiency and performance in the long run, and, as a result, to extend engine life by 30%. With outstanding features, Shell Rimula R4 X is promising to bring significant values to drivers and transport business owners, extend vehicle life and reduce maintenance cost. In addition to engine life extension through maximum protection, the usage time will also be extended, and maintenance cost will be reduced accordingly, which will be one of the most effective saving methods for transport enterprises by Rimula R4 X.

Safety to Home - Season 2

In the launching event of Safety to Home - season 2, truck drivers attending the event also have chance to meet the familiar MC of the program – broadcaster Anh Dao and take part in the talk show broadcasted live from the stage which is imitative  of the studio. This is one of the gratitude activities for all listeners of Safety to Home, the valued companions of the program.

Starting in 2013, Safety to Home has been broadcasted on the radio and then became drivers’ most-listened programs. This year, Shell Rimula continues accompanying Safety to Home with brand new contents and formats.

Understanding the difficulties that drivers are facing on their daily drive, Shell Rimula and Safety to Home have been connecting truck drivers and listener community, giving them chance to relax with hands on the wheel and return home safely after a long exhausting drive.

With various topics, broadcaster Anh Dao has been sharing with drivers their interests and concerns as well as their ups and downs about their jobs and lives. Safety to Home also provides its audiences with knowledge and consultancy from Shell’s technical experts by answering enquiries about the most proper and effective vehicle care methods.

In the new season, with a new format, the program promises to offer more practical and interesting contents. And above all, understanding the importance of safety, Shell Rimula and Safety to Home desire to be the trustworthy companion assisting drivers in finishing their jobs effectively. Returning home safely after a long drive is the program’s goal for both Shell and VOH.

Taking part in Safety to Home - season 2, truck drivers not only learn about truck maintenance consultancy program, but also exchange their career experiences with broadcaster Anh Dao. This will help drivers to update the latest information, knowledge, transportation conduct and to ensure safety for themselves and their vehicles along the journeys. Besides, drivers also have chance to take part in “Lucky truck” program and get rewarded with 100 chances to receive free pails of Shell Rimula R4 X engine oil or one only lucky ticket to the Shell Rimula Truck Challenge Event in the London, UK.